Carson!  (aka Lil’ Social)

Brandy newBorn August 17, 2009 at 12:40 PM

8 lbs. 2 oz., 20.5″

His first 2 weeks were filled with lots of love and some adventures:

less than an hour old

Less than one hour old


Adoring grandparents

Carson day2

Day 2

Carson Visit 8-18-09 009

Grandma & Baba’s first visit

Carson day3

Day 3 – first day at home!

first bath

First bath – No Likey!!

Carson day5

Day 5 – getting used to this being at home businessside sleeper

Already a side sleeper by Day 6

Grandpa's feed

Grandpa Ty takes feeding duty

first trip Target

Carson’s first outing, a trip to Target in Colma.  Exotic!!

Carson day9

Day 9

Aunt Nita

In the onesie Aunt Nita gave him – thanks Aunt Nita!

Grandma Penelope

Fantastic cuddles with Grandma Penelope

He met lots of new friends as well – the crew at Flora Grubb Gardens, Uncle Chrissy & Auntie Alysia, and mama’s acupuncturist Caylie.

Next week, a visit from Grandma & Baba!