(Why child #3?)

To state the obvious, I haven’t blogged about my pregnancy.  Bo-ring.  It was (and still is, @#$%!) a pregnancy, with its ups & its downs, and mostly when I felt like talking about it, it was to complain.  And who wants to hear that?  Wah, acid reflux.  Wah, restricted movement.  Wah, crappy sleep patterns.  Poor Mr. Social bore the brunt of the whining, as I was generally DONE for the day by the time he got home from work each evening around 7:00.  Of course, there were moments of wonder, which balance it all out in the end.

Today, however, is different.  I am four days past my due date, and have an induction scheduled for tomorrow morning.  A yummy, Pitocin-filled induction.  Of course, I was hoping to avoid that and experience the joys of laboring at home until it was “time,” etc.  But with the “funky” cord attachment that I have paired with a nice, big, full-term babe the Dr. wants to do this.  And hey, no protests from this end.  (As the Dr. said when I told her that I wasn’t trying to be a Natural Woman and would welcome any interventions that she deemed necessary, she said that my “willingness to bail” was noted!)

There have been glimmers of hope that the “blessed event” would come around naturally – everything is progressing as it should (we’re thinking of naming the kid Low-Rider at this point…) and my contractions have been increasing for WEEKS now, shifting where they should, and apparently are simply not enough.

The point of all this:  this weird, limbo state waiting game.  Physically I feel great, better than I did a month ago.  Mentally, totally different story.  I am an active person.  I work, run my own business in fact, I multi-task, I run around town frantically getting things done.  These damned nesting hormones have gotten in the way, and I feel very one-track-minded and frankly, imbalanced.  And, as with everything hormonal, there ain’t a freakin’ thing I can do about it.  Resistance is futile, Borg-style.  Of course, they are very helpful when it comes to the actual nest, and let’s just say that it is feathered as well as it can be in anticipation of its new occupant.  Now what??  My parents are here, hanging out waiting with us, ready to welcome their first grandbaby.  (I must say that a benefit of this “extra” time has been that chilling with them in such a low-stress situation has been wonderful.  Everyone’s relaxed and out of our “normal” contexts, with not much else to do but eat, walk the dog, and get little things accomplished each day.)  As one wonderful friend who called to check up on us yesterday said, we will most likely look back on these days/weeks as very precious time.  I hope so, because mama’s not feeling so precious at present.

So, let’s take this time to get a little precious and provide a retrospective:

BABY 1-21-09_3First sighting of Junior

week 19Week 19:  Is she bloated, or is she pregnant?

week 24Week 24:  The “cute” stage…week 28Week 28:  On a visit to the in-laws

week 33Week 33:  Gettin’ beeeg…

week 37bWeek 37:  A month later

week 40Week 40:  Aaaaand we are go!

In a couple of days:  Baby pictures!