I’m talkin’ to you!


There has been so much rallying around the travesty of Prop. 8 passing here in CA on these here Interwebs that I thought I’d jump on that fantastic bandwagon.

Here’s one way: Let Freedom Ring, and show the blogging world exactly what you think of Prop. 8 and all it stands for.  This gentleman started it, this lady is perpetuating and documenting it.  I love what Swistle has to say:

I want to say for the record that I realize the way I expressed my feelings on this subject was highly disrespectful. I would be equally disrespectful about a decision to, for example, ban black citizens from voting in elections, or invalidate heterosexual marriages, or make it illegal to worship God.

Some bloggers are wary of posting a photo of an obscene gesture on their sites.  Well, in my opinion Prop. 8 is a big, hairy middle finger aimed towards basic human rights in this country.  Which, lest we forget, was FOUNDED on those rights.  Inalienable, I think was the word.

I won’t even start ranting about what a personal affront to so many people the passing of this ridiculous measure is (or even the fact that it made it onto our ballot in Anno Domini 2008) because the weapon used by the supporters of the measure was personalization.  As one wise blogger put it, your kids are going to find out about homosexuality regardless of whether or not some school decides to put it on the curriculum, or heaven forbid a gay teacher sport a wedding ring.  Sorry.  A commitment band.

As for so blatantly stating what I think of this on my personal site and risking p***ing off friends and family, ya’ll know me.  You know that I’m going to get my panties in a knot about something so human.  And, just be thankful I’m getting this off my chest here, and not at Thanksgiving dinner.

We haven’t heard the last of this, thank God.  Let’s take it as far as it will go.