Life gets just that much easier with each passing week, especially when that week contains the second round of Parvo shots.  For the un-initiated (like me up until a month ago), that means it is that much safer to interact with other canines, starting with ones whom you know have their up-to-date innoculations.  You can also go to a wider range of places without as much risk of picking up this lethal virus.  Places like… the beach!  And… puppy play group!

He is a rock star at both of these places, instantly assuming the “hey let’s play!” pose with every new dog he meets, and learning the attendant lessons of their responses.  It is such a relief to me to be giving him something that he innately needs, my being a complete newbie to all of this.  Yesterday at the beach we met a one year-old Vizsla named Lucas and they played for about 15 minutes, which was so awesome to see.  He loves to be rolled, and crinkles up his nose and bares his razor-sharp puppy teeth when he really gets into it.

He’s learning that when Mr. Social or I is at our desk, then a really good place to hang out is his nap chair, and he immediately goes to hang out on it when we’re not paying him any attention.  In the morning when the sun is spotting the floor at the back of the house, he wanders around from sun patch to sun patch and flops down in them.

He is enrolled at puppy class starting October 1, and I am excited to start learning as quickly as he is!  In the meantime, we’re making do with all the new adventures that each day brings.