Finally, a little rest from the motion…

The first week was rough and sleep-deprived for everyone involved.  With some highlights…

The second week has been easier, especially with a visit from the paternal grandma & grandpa, who played with him all weekend and allowed us some human time!

Social Kitty has been so good, realizes that Social Doggy is just a pipsqueak and needs all the care and attention we’re giving him.  A gentle hiss with no puff-up was their first encounter (mama was so proud…).  There have been slight scuffles since, but all in the name of finding their common ground

The huge paws and long legs and gigantic ears, the flopping and flailing, all attracting such great positive attention from everyone he encounters.  There have been plenty of autograph signing sessions out on the sidewalk, he loves greeting every new person he sees.  Social Doggy indeed!  Mom’s favorite feature:

the crinkly lips!

Finding our routine, realizing that even though he doesn’t love his crate while we’re in the house (and it’s not bedtime) he does love the low, soft chair in the sunroom.  He can nap there during the day and I can see him from my desk.  Bliss!

Knowing that all of this routine changing and hand chewing and floor peeing and time sucking will result in an amazing friend and companion.  He is such a gem of an animal already – we can’t wait for what the Social future holds!

Mr. Social has been working on bringing SK and SD closer together:

Although, a little invasion of personal space has been an issue:

Overall, we’re having lots of fun!