Or so it feels like…

Last weekend, we went and visited these guys:


and found our new puppy.

As we don’t have any human kids at this point, Social Kitty has been our surrogate baby.  We got him right after moving in together four years ago, and the parenting roles manifested themselves so quickly we had to laugh at ourselves.  Mom is for lovin’, dad is for playing.  And, aside from the month we were away for our wedding & honeymoon, neither of us has been for betrayal.

We have been talking about getting a dog for years now (so long that I don’t think any of our friends truly believe that we will actually get one), and with that in mind tried to socialize SK to be comfortable around dogs. We have dog-sat an amazing Jack Russell a few times, and our upstairs neighbor has a standard poodle who pokes her head in from time to time and gets no rise out of the cat.  He is also one of the chillest felines I have ever encountered, mostly (I think) because he is secure in the master-hood of his domain and know that he is ridiculously loved.

Looks pretty comfortable to me…

We do think that, after the initial adjustment period, the two will become fast friends (or at least SK will whip Social Doggy into shape enough to use him as a centrally-heated pillow).  However, the two times that I came home smelling like puppy, I got the cold shoulder for about a day.  What happens when a puppy who smells like puppy shows up?  Will he run off for a couple of days?  (Which, there is no better way to freak me out since about a year and a half ago he went on a 12-day Vision Quest that left me a puddle of teary goo for the duration.)  Will he think he has been replaced?

Mr. Social thinks that there will be a big, sloppy lick on the face, a swipe on the nose with claws, and the pecking order will be established.  Let’s hope it’s that easy.  But in the meantime, I am acting like some hormonal pregnant woman, wondering if her first-born will feel betrayed.

All will be revealed next Wednesday, so stay tuned!